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  • Sleeps 5 people, in a bunk, single bed/sofa and mezzanine floor sleeps 2
    Running System

  • Powered by an 80 watt PV array and a bank of two 115Ah deep cycle batteries.

  • Regulated with two morning star regulators and a Xantrex C40 40 amp diversion load regulator

  • 300 watt wind turbine, on 7 metre tower, charges batteries @ 12VDC up to 25amps and powers the laptop and wireless router for weather station

  • Back-up generator, hardwired into hut, when generator is running it energizes a relay to automatically switch from the inverter to generator.

  • Fully wired for 12vdc and 240vac

  • Wireless internet (1500kb/s down, 1000kb/s up) connection, Toshiba laptop

  • weather station and webcam. Up to date weather conditions

  • Laptop runs periodically during the day, drawing 2.0amp/hrs when on.

  • Daily power consumption of 0.3kWhrs. Yearly power generation about 300 kWhrs = about $75



  • Running water, 2000L water storage from rain off the roof and a spring

  • Hot water from a 60L thermette made from a hot water cylinder









Wind Turbine




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  • Wind turbine -300watt 3 phase permanent magnet alternator

  • Rectified into single phase DC and regulated- Xantrex C40 diversion load regulator, excess power diverted to heating coils. 

  • 2.1m 3 blade rotor, fibreglass constant pitch blades

  • Starts charging at 3 metres per second (10km/h)

  • Governor operates at 10 metres per second (furling tail)



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